Inbound Marketing and Content Cluster to Get Higher Ranking on SERP

A solid content strategy generates traffic. Inbound marketing captures and qualifies leads by converting them into loyal customers through emails, blogs, website content, etc. Inbound marketing improves the traditional sales funnel to enhance the buyer’s journey and increase business growth.

What is Content Cluster?

Content clusters or the topic clusters are a new concept in SEO content strategy that goes beyond just stuffing keywords in the content. Instead, a content cluster strategy uses topic modelling and interlinking of the pages internally to improve the user experience of your content and boost your search performance.

Unlike traditional marketing strategy, the SEO strategy follows an intent-based approach and focuses on topics rather than keywords, by creating content around one central topic – referred to as “Pillar”. The organized structure of pillar or cluster content helps to create a semantic relationship between each page and encourages each topic in your cluster to be pushed high in Google ranking.

Role of Content Cluster to Drive Digital Marketing Campaign

To rank high in google search, stuffing the content with the keywords will no longer give your content needed visibility. The search engine has become smart and so have the users. Generating the differentiated content which the user is interested in has become the biggest challenge today.

Marketers are slowly understanding the concept of topic modelling and data-driven content generation which will boost the overall awareness and thus sales of the product or service. The overwhelming amount of content received by users end up in the trash as it fails to engage the users. 




Some of the benefits of a content cluster are:

  • Increased user engagement
  • Generate more traffic to your site
  • The contents are interlinked in one or more in-house contents leading to increased duration on-page and reduced bounce rates
  • When the central piece of content does well, the interlinked content also does well.

MarXeed – Data-Driven Content Cluster to generate traffic and boost revenue

Data-driven tool MarXeed is focused on providing data to create and distribute meaningful and consistent content to attract and retain your target audience and ultimately drive profitable customer actions.
MarXeed talks to your CRM and not only generate traffic to the website with valuable content but also the experience is tailored towards the end customer. 




MarXeed offers capabilities like:

  • Long-Tail keyword search - MarXeed does the keyword research to find a list of long-tail keywords and provides the content ideas to get started.
  • Unique data – MarXeed helps you write the cluster pages by providing the cluster content or topics. By adding the unique data provided by MarXeed in the form of sample topics for the emails, blogs, and other content, your team can create compelling content. 
  • Topic Cluster – Targeting an entire topic is the key to a successful marketing campaign. MarXeed helps you to search and create a topic cluster. They are interlinked content built around one broad topic called pillar content. 

SEO is evolving and marketers need to change with it. By adopting a more versatile approach, content strategy goes a long way. The multiple pieces of focused content addressing a given topic will outperform the ones with fewer and less meaningful content.