Top 2020 Content Marketing Resolutions You Need To Make Today

While content remains an incessant tool to marketize businesses and corresponding products, the manner in which it is put to use, determines how it will modify the business standing in the B2B industry today. Marketers, for ages, have been employing the best of efforts to attune their marketing operations to map the industrial expectations, yet something new surfaces every now and then, turning the year-old strategy effete.

With a new year, things change and so do the marketing trends. Technologies evolve constantly and each has a dramatic effect on the digital economy. Adhering to the importance of content marketing, it becomes imperative for marketers to restructure their strategies, adopt measures for regaining their position in the competitive market. But before we get our hands on the content marketing 2020 trends, let’s first freeze and take a ride back to the year, unleashing the existing face of content marketing.

A Sneak Peak at Content Marketing 2019

A whole year has passed by and there were billions of businesses and websites fidgeting to outrank competitors and secure a better one in Google SEO rankings.

  • The year saw the growth of content marketing as an important tool for scaling business, evidently being tagged as the necessity for brand awareness. 
  • Social media marketing, the term was on the rise. Tons of researches and enormous studies to back the importance of SMM, leaving behind various strategies to adopt the same.
  • Influencer Marketing witnessed an increased rate of acceptance. Various b2b organizations actively integrated measures to channelize their products and services through affiliate marketing. 
  • Infographics was another successful strategy undertaken by the majority of the marketing agencies to help organizations attain better exposure to the digital world.

It appears that digital marketers are actively looking into different prospects and channels to market their business. Apparently, it appears that they are continuously exploring newer forms of content to improve their strategies in the digital marketing arsenal.

With a new year knocking on the door, it's time to once again roll up the sleeves and adopt 2020 B2B content marketing strategies to accelerate business growth.

Content Marketing 2020 Trends 

Debating on what are the trends that would possibly reign the content marketing world 2020, there are various options. Every content marketer would have a different set of strategies to implement this year. However, the crux of trends for content marketing 2020 remains the same - amplify the brand's awareness and their online presence.

Whether a starter or the owner of a big fat enterprise, you’ll lag the competitors, if your business strategies fail to align with current marketing trends. To save your pain of scratch, we highlight the top 2020 B2B content marketing trends and resolutions you ought to take this New Year:

  • Pledge To Prioritize Result-Driven Content

Given the pace at which competition and content is multiplying, it becomes a need for marketers to not just pitch content but provide the same to the audience in the most feasible and optimized way. This implies that you need to speed up the process of providing relevant content to the user. One way to do so is to embed a filterable post within your blog.

As an eye-catching content marketing trend, result-oriented content has the potential to reduce the time taken in delivering the content. Ok, this sounds pretty good but how are you going to do this? How will you turn your existing blog post into one that is result focused? Don't worry, we have got your back.
  1. Start with identifying the blog post/page or listicles (the posts with listings, such i.e. top 10 marketing trends) that has attracted maximum traffic.
  2. Once you are done, scrutinize the post and find listicles that drive the blog post. Filter them out and then create a section at the start of the blog, where you link the relevant list. So next time when a user visits the blog post, he/she doesn't have to read the entire blog, instead can jump to the part that serves their purpose.

This might sound tough but the benefits driven by adopting this content marketing 2020 trend transcends the complexities involved in implementing it. You can connect with your developer and ask him to help you out with the process. 

  • Embed Video-Specific Content

Textual content ruled the digital industry for years, with 2020 approaching near, digital marketers need to slice their all-text content and add videos to improve and enhance the reach. It is predicted that video content happens to be the second most successful form of content marketing, of course, textual remains at the top.

A survey sheds light on the consumer preferences concluding that nearly 80% of the user say they would rather watch a video than reading a written piece of content. Apparently, videos own the knack to keep the user locked and engaged for the specified time.

Further, if you portray a story, users are more likely to watch till the end, witnessing a greater rate of engagement. So, how do we craft exceptional videos, which are proven to better to track the attention of audiences, pitching higher content interaction?

  1. First and foremost analyze - where to publish your video. It appears that YouTube has the highest engagement when it comes to watching videos. So, an excellent way to kick start your 2020 B2B content marketing is to create video content and publish them on YouTube. Though they are several other options, if you want to play safe, I would bet on YouTube.
  2. Next, comes the type, what kind of videos should you target to grab attention? Well, there are multiple options. You can choose from the product description, Q/A sessions, Webinars or expert views. Another eye-catching b2b content marketing trend is embedding user-generated content. This suggests that you ask your clients to upload reviews in the form of a video. 
  • Optimize Your Content To Voice Search

One of the most happening and talked-about technology in the past few years has been AI. While there are multiple ways the technology benefits the content marketing world 2020, one that is brimming up high is the trend of voice search. Till date, you might have been accustomed to the idea of search engine optimization, but 2020 would be a little different. As a matter of fact, nearly 50% of the users worldwide use voice assistants. From Google's Assistant, Amazon's Alexa to Microsoft Cortana, the concept is trending everywhere. And so is the impact on content marketing strategies 2020.

While SEO and VSEO might sound the same, the strategies and the approach towards each is different. When a user performs a voice search, a maximum of three results is displayed over the web, apparently the best three. In case your content isn't optimized, odds are, you just skipped the possibility of connecting with a potential user.

So, how are you going to do this?

  1. Turn your focus towards answering questions. As we know that users are more likely to ask a question when performing a voice search, your content should be designed in a way that provides an answer to the same.
  2. Next, you need to focus on long-tail keywords. Typing in a query, users are most likely to be as specific as possible. However, when voice searching they feed the entire information, rather ask a fully sound query. Hence, the content should have most of the long-tail keywords to be more appropriate and specific to the search.

Of all the fascinating content marketing 2020 trends, adoption of voice search would be the easiest and an influential one.

  • Conversational Marketing

One of the best ways to connect with your customers is through communication. Experts believe that a crucial b2b content marketing strategy would be to drive engagement with the audience.

2020 would witness the proliferation of computerized bots and corresponding tools. Embedding chat-bots and conversational tools to connect with the user and walk through their pain points seems like an ideal choice in the near future. This aids better assessment the problem and further, render the optimal solution.

One to one and direct communication with consumers help businesses know better about their profile, significant needs, and intended goals. And all of this without having the need to fill long forms. Definitely, your customer is going to love it while you get to know all about them, inside out. So, a win-win situation for both.

To aid this,

  1.  Either develop or purchase such automated tools aka chat-bots that are capable of driving a friction-less communication and foster engagement.
  2. Create business-specific scripts and be sure that the bot has an exceptionally content rich library.

Though manual customer service instill a human touch, the inception of chat-bot embeds a flair of accuracy, fostering a better engagement with the users.

Where personalization and transparency occupied the top two motives of content marketing 2019, automation would lead the charge as the top content marketing 2020 strategy. It's high time that you stop playing the guessing game, instead use the data in hand and make productive decisions. Though it would be too soon to say, the year would also see the rise of marketing automation as an exceptional content marketing 2020 trend. Dynamic content would scale high, AI would take over manual profiling and predictive analysis would be your next marketing partner.